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Completing this mission will cause Tali and Legion to argue, forcing you to choose a side. You can resolve this and keep both crew members loyal if you have maxed out your Paragon/Renegade meter so it is wise to leave one of the missions incomplete until you have done so. Notable Items in This Area Research Project: Geth Shield Strengt You can do one mission, Legion's loyalty the obvious choice, and the next time you approach the galaxy map, EDI tells you the IFF is online and you have a dialog choice of go now or wait. You must go through the Omega relay as soon as EDI tells you the IFF is online for Kelly, Ken and Gabby to survive You get Legion at the end of the Reaper mission, where you collect the IFF. Once back on the ship you have the option of activating him or not. If you do you get to engage in a nice long.. Legion should be committed to the mission after Shepard's help with the geth heretics. Paragon Route: Rewriting of geth heretics will make main geth faction significantly more powerful. Given perception of Reapers, they may be possible allies, though long-term cooperation remains unlikely 2) After doing Legion's loyalty mission, the next time you attempt to access the galactic map, you'll automatically get the scene where the Normandy gets boarded and everyone else taken prisoner...

Likely the last squad member that Shepard recruits for the suicide mission, Legion's loyalty mission should open up right after he is recruited if he is the last one recruited. Legion's mission entails Shepard going with him to a geth heretic station, heretics being geth that worship the Reapers, in order to stop them from releasing a virus that would make all geth worship the Reapers You can perform all the loyalty missions, take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, and save your entire crew if you do the following: Do everything but Tali's loyalty mission. Do the mission to obtain the Reaper IFF. Do Tali's loyalty mission. Do Legion's loyalty mission so the way i play, i cannot really react during Legion's loyalty mission to what happens in the future. all while even if i did - it wouldn't really change anything. the Quarians still made tons of critical errors, mistakes and amoral choices the whole time through and are clearly the bad guy here IMO In Legion, pretty much every mission-related action consumes the new currency, Order Resources. During your Class Hall campaign you will come across certain NPCs who will pledge their loyalty to you and help you repel the Legion by joining your ranks as Champions.

Yes, it's possible. You need to finish all loyalty missions (except for Legion's) before going to the derelict Reaper. After getting back from the derelict Reaper, you are allowed time for exactly one mission before the Collectors invade Normandy (which should be Legion's loyalty mission) Mass Effect 2: Shepard and Legion board the Heretic's ship where they have to decide what to do with them - rewrite or destroy Next Episode: http://youtu.be.. After both Legion's and Tali's loyalty missions are completed, a conflict arises between each other after Tali catches Legion scanning her omni-tool for information on the Flotilla to be sent back to the geth. Legion maintains that it is merely warning the geth of the threat they face from the quarians' tests and their plans to attack the geth ALA Mission . Mission Statement In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad ***SPOILERS*** Showing unique dialogs when you bring Legion on Tali's Loyalty mission

WARNING : Completing this mission will cause Tali and Legion to argue, forcing you to choose a side. You can resolve this and keep both crew member Legion's recruitment can potentially come pretty late in the game, meaning players can miss their loyalty mission -- and the consequences of Legion's mission are integral to Mass Effect 3's events. When Legion asks to speak to Shepard, the Geth explains that the collective is divided between those who are in line with the Reapers (called the Heretics) and those who wish to be free of the Old Machines

For everyone else, regardless of the choices Shepard makes, completing the loyalty mission will secure that squadmate's loyalty for the duration of the game. In addition, after securing the loyalty of Jack and Miranda and Tali and Legion, they will fight one another If you have 1 or more loyalty missions left, you will have time to complete 2 missions. (For reference, I was able to bring Legion to Tali's mission and still complete Legion's mission.) If you have completed every mission, Legion will give his loyalty mission immediately or the Normandy Ambushed sequence will begin once you use the galaxy map So, how do you do the kick a townsperson star? Ive tried everything, can only get like 20 m tops when I shrink the person. Once, the game glitched and said I threw them 327 m, and they were stuck.

Legion: A House Divided - Loyalty Missions - Walkthrough

  1. You only have one or two missions before the Normandy is attacked. That's the point where you get Legion's loyalty before hitting the Omega-4 relay immediately afterwards. If you do more than one after they're taken, even a N7 mission, then the crew start dying
  2. Every squadmate in Mass Effect 2 has a loyalty mission, where you must complete a specific favor for them, usually (but not always) connected to their families, or to revenge. Grunt just wants to..
  3. Dossier Legion is a unique geth mobile platform, designed to operate outside thePerseus Veil an Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Drack's loyalty missions Baby got Drack (Elaaden face with the Onaon booty) By Jeffrey Parkin Mar 25, 2017, 11:42pm ED -Destroyed the Heretics (+2 points)-Tali is NOT exiled (+2 points)-Tali has been exiled/You did not do the Loyalty Mission (0 points)-Resolved Legion/Tali conflict either using the Paragon or Renegade options (+1 point)-N7 Mission: Save the Admiral on.
  4. If you want to save everyone, use it as soon as it is available. The relay opens exactly one mission after the IFF and its recommended you use that time for Legion's loyalty mission. Any time wasted on side missions or other loyalty quests at this point will result in loss of lives. Your final team makeup will have no effect on who survives
  5. If you do more than one mission after the crew's abduction, they will die by the time you reach them. As such, it's recommended to save the Reaper IFF mission until you have completed everything you wish to complete, then use the short time you have before the Collector's abduction of your crew to complete Legion's loyalty mission

How to do Legion's Loyalty mission and save all the crew

Throughout most of Mass Effect 2, Miranda seems very cold, not caring for much beyond doing her duty.That is what makes her loyalty mission interesting, as you get to see another side of her while she attempts to stop her evil father from getting a hold of her genetic twin The Loyalty missions across the Mass Effect trilogy tend to be some of the most fun side missions and can give Shepard a chance to get to know and bond with their crew. They also provide additional lore to the story and serve as trigger points for romances Mordus Legion loyalty points database displays, icon, reward name, lp cost, isk cost and required items from eve online. Eve-online Main News Dev Blog Patch Notes FanSite News Live Broadcast HD Stream Videos PVP Fleet Battles DaOpa YT Vids Databases LP Stores DB Moon Ore DB PI DB T3 Ships DB Wormholes WH Systems Directory.

Yes, loyaty mission's (even Legion's) count as a mission. That said, after the IFF mission you can do 2 missions before your crew gets abducted. That gives you just enough missions to do Legion's.. so how does legions loyalty mission work, after i get him and activate him, as soon as i go to the bridge will i be informed, and when i leave i know the collectors attack, if i go to do legions mission and then return to the ship to save the crew will they still be alive

Legion Loyalty Mission. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Parent tags (more general): Mass Effect Trilogy; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Works which have used it as a tag: Thoughtcrime by GuileandGall for LHS3020b Fandoms:. I want to try this , take a Geth fanboy to the Quarian loyalty mission The dialog is amazing . Just wondering if there is time to do both Tali and Leg Use Legion on Tali Loyality mission - PlaystationTrophies.or

Activate him, and talk to him immediately. You will now have his loyalty mission, however you only have time for one mission before the crew gets abducted, so you must complete legions loyalty mission and then head straight for the omega-4 relay. This way, you make it in time to save your crew Mordus Legion : 1 x Orthrus BPC : 80,000 : 20,000,000 : Mordus Legion : 1 x Garmur : 80,000 : 5,000,000 : Mordus Legion : 1 x Zainou 'Deadeye' Missile Projection MP-705 : 79,375 : 79,375,000 : Mordus Legion : 1 x Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1005 : 79,375 : 79,375,000 : Mordus Legion : 1 x Zainou 'Deadeye' Target Navigation Prediction TN-905 : 79,375 : 79,375,000 : Mordus Legion The idea of Legal Legion (loyalty) has arisen during our university studies in law school, by a group of colleagues and it is based on friendship and strong teamwork bonds. We are independent Individuals and not a part of any other scheme, third party association, or any political group

*SPOILER* Can I finish Legion's loyalty quest without

  1. After completing the mission, Legion will become loyal to Shepard and will eventually reveal that the heretics decided to help Sovereign in the original Mass Effect in return for a Reaper body so that all geth could upload themselves and join together into a single consciousness
  2. g loyal if met. They are as follows: Zaeed: If you choose to help the refinery workers, and lack the Paragon points to open up the subsequent Charm dialogue option with Zaeed, Vido will.
  3. Legion is a friend who will bring peace to the heretic Geth to obey the Reapers, then bring peace to the Quarian people at any cost. Shepard's meeting with Legion was the first major step in reconciling the Quarian people and their rebellious creations
  4. Mission - The Royal Canadian Legion TESTAMENT — ARTICLES of FAITH — The First Part — W HEREAS. THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION was founded upon principles, which endure today, and will serve well all who belong or may belong in the future including, among others: A solemn remembrance of Canadians who gave their lives so that our nation might be free

Legion: A House Divided Mass Effect Wiki Fando

  1. Thanks. I think that the way my sequence is going I am going to do all the loyalty missions, except Legion before IFF. I will take Tali on Legion's loyalty mission. I just completed the Collector ship. 0. sjsharp2011 #32. Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:42 pm
  2. So far it seems to be working well and he has Zaeed's loyalty mission near the end. He has it last, but before Leagon's obviously. I have just recruted the first 4 members plus Kasumi. I have not yet triggered the Horizon mission, but I know it is next. 0. Myalzalean #22
  3. This loyalty mission actually has more in common with Jacob's or Garrus's, missions in which the character is already loyal to begin with. Legion has a kind of practical trust in Shepard
  4. The easiest way to boost loyalty, of course, is by completing each character's loyalty mission. You'll need to talk to your party members enough to unlock this option, and then complete the.
  5. Completing the loyalty mission for a squad member will make them loyal to Shepard, which increases their chance of survival if you make the right choices during the Suicide Mission, as well as.
  6. Loyalty Missions, originally introduced in Mass Effect 2, are returning in Andromeda. These missions are intended to not only increase a particular squadmate's rapport with Ryder, but also add.

Down with the Legion: Mordus Legion: Level 3: Downing The Slavers (2 of 2) Sansha Nation: Level 4: Downing The Slavers (2 of 2) Blood Raiders: Level 3: Dread Pirate Scarlet: Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis: Level 4: Driving a Wedge: Gallente Federation & Minmatar Republic: Level 3: Drone Detritus: Rogue Drones: Level 1. Flashbang Grenade: Kasumi's Loyalty mission Fortification: Grunt's Loyalty mission. Geth Shield Boost: Legion's Loyalty mission Inferno Grenade: Zaeed's Loyalty mission Neural Shock: Mordin Solus's Loyalty mission Reave: Samara's Loyalty mission Shield Drain: Tali's Loyalty mission Shredder Ammo: Thane's Loyalty mission Slam: Miranda's Loyalty mission

IFF event, Legion loyalty mission, and crew status

How To Save Both The Geth And Quarians In Mass Effect

Missions; Mission Reports Security Reports Distribution Reports Mining Reports. Mission Guides Security Guide Distribution Guide Mining Guide. Special Missions COSMOS Epic Arcs Anomic Research Data Center Circle Faction Warfare. Helpful Links NPC standings NPC damage types NPC naming conventions Blitzing Loyalty Points Gaining faction standings. Watch Dogs: Legion offers a variety of operative types, each with associated perks to help (or hinder) with the mission at hand.. Two of the most traditional types - for a video game anyway - are.

Saving the Geth and the Quarians on Rannoch - YouTube

Can I take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, complete all

  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda guide: Jaal loyalty missions. Jaal 'n' the family. By Jeffrey Parkin Mar 29, 2017, 1:16pm EDT Share this story. Share this on Facebook; Share.
  2. Loyalty Mission: Legion. Legion's loyalty, removed from Cerberus as it is, is much the same. The Heretics have a virus that will brainwash the True Geth. Shepard needs to stop them, lest all Geth join the Reapers. What is added, however, are three elements
  3. Do all loyalty missions and every single side mission before you do the REAPER IFF MISSION. Yes, that means you will go through most of the game without having Legion on your ship. You are ready to get the Reaper IFF when the ONLY MISSION INCOMPLETE IS TALI'S LOYALTY MISSION, which is Treason
  4. Admiral Taylor's Loyalty Ring I got the Mission on 12.02.2020 Captain Sander's Returned Band I got the Mission on 16.02.2020 As you can see, it took a long Time with Daily Missions, its not something you can just do in a Second. You just have to hang on and hope for the best, because Random is Rando

The choice in Legion's loyalty mission is still the

Armor Piercing Ammo: Archangel's Loyalty mission Biotic Barrier : Jacob's Loyalty mission. Dominate : Kill Samara during her Loyalty mission and have Morinth replace her. Fortification : Grunt's Loyalty mission. Geth Shield Boost : Legion's Loyalty mission. Inferno Grenade : Zaeed's Loyalty mission Loyalty missions in Mass Effect Andromeda are an improtant yet optional. These missions will give a deep look in the personalities of your squadmates and their background Mission & Vision. Mission Statement In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote.

Vetra's loyalty mission is far less complex than some of the other loyalty missions — you only have to go to one planet, and only have to do one thing So, I was doing Thane's loyalty mission, fine and dandy, and as soon as I update Thane for the third time, as soon as he says Target in sight my PS3 suddenly freezes and I have to hard restart it, ocassionaly it would say it was corrupted and I had to delete my save, but I could restart the missio.. Mass Effect 2 (FemShep) - 190 - Act 3 - After Suicide Mission: Legion. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos.

Legion of Mary

Legion Class Hall Mission Guide - Guides - Wowhea

Loyalty missions are an important part of Mass Effect Andromeda, as completing these will give you a broader aspect of your squadmate's past and you will also be able to romance them The Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer mode release date is officially set for March 9, and Ubisoft is giving players an early preview of how it will work - it's set to be a big change

Is it possible to complete all loyalty missions and save

Emblem | The American Legion

A disgruntled Bladespire Chef has provided us with a lead on an ancient map hidden in the mines beneath the citadel Watch Dogs Legion lets you play as everyone, then gives you very little reason to do so. then completing a basic loyalty mission to add them to your ranks. In theory,. I almost included these when I did the top 20 missions, but decided to treat them separate given how they don't relate to the main plot at all. So here they are; the loyalty missions ranked from worst to best. I also want to point out that I do enjoy all of these missions, so the lower ones more reflect how good the others are. 12 IT WAS MARY who paved the way to my joining the Annunciation Praesidium of the Legion of Mary of the Holy Spirit Parish. This happened in 2009, right after my graduation from PREX 9, where I was striving to decide which ministry or organization to choose as my vocation. I did - still do - not know the Legion Handbook by heart

MISSION TRAINING 101: DELIVERY *DUE TO COVID-19 NO MISSION TRAININGS ARE CURRENTLY SCHEDULED. Mission Delivery Training helps members better understand our mission of serving veterans, the military, and their families. The goal is to reduce obstacles that would prevent members from getting started Loyalty was a property of a Hunter pet. It determined if the pet would stay with you or run off. Loyalty gain or loss was determined by the pet's Happiness. Raising the loyalty level would have been your first concern after taming a new pet. The pet's loyalty was shown in the Pet tab of the Character Info window. When you first tamed a pet, its Loyalty index was at the lowest level. If you. The Royal Canadian Legion was founded by Veterans and for Veterans. We advocate for the care and benefits for all who served Canada, regardless of when or where they served. The Legion also provides representation and assistance to Veterans, including currently serving Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families, and access to our services is available to them at no cost, whether or not.

LEGION led the Rio de Janeiro insurrection against GDI, bringing the South American Nod factions under Kane's influence. It then recovered the last remaining record of Nod's stealth technology from a GDI facility in Australia. This was a lead up to assaulting Marcion's Australian stronghold and securing the heretic's and the Black Hand's loyalty The Indian Legion (German: Indische Legion), officially the Free India Legion (German: Legion Freies Indien) or 950th (Indian) Infantry Regiment (German: Infanterie-Regiment 950 (indisches)), was a military unit raised during the Second World War initially as part of the German Army and later the Waffen-SS from August 1944. Intended to serve as a liberation force for British-ruled India, it.

Mass Effect 2: Legion's Loyalty Mission - The Geth

One of the first side missions you will gain access to in Watch Dogs Legion is called Bare Knuckle League. This side mission tasks you with fighting in five different bare knuckle competitions across London. To help you complete this side mission we've thrown together the guide below Guardian Legion is activity added in January 2018 patch 64.03.1 Guardian Legion consist of Guardian Missions. Every mission gives Guardian Legion points. Enough points gives Guardian Legion box, up to 40 boxes per day. Boxes hold gems, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and rarely diamonds, in average worth 11000 to 13000 gold per day. Redeeming box also gives item XP for your gear. Earned Guardian. Watch Dogs: Legion - Recruitment Mission Gameplay. To convince folks to join you, you'll need to earn their loyalty, and that usually means completing a mission for them

<Thirteenth Legion> is a casual-friendly raiding guild that strives to excel in end-game content while maintaining a fun, drama-free environment for its members. We are home to raiders and social gamers alike. Despite our limited raiding schedule, we expect the very best out of our raiders. The guild is 100% loyal to its members an Loyalty points (LP) are part of the rewards for missions (for the corporation your agent belongs to), Incursions (for CONCORD), and Invasions (for DED). You can also earn loyalty points for each of the four factions doing Factional Warfare.Loyalty points are gained for a specific corporation and will only be useful in loyalty point stores owned by that particular corporation, with the. Lenovo Legion Asia Pacific | Official site. Stylish Outside. Savage Inside. Learn more about our products, join tournaments and redeem free games. Join today Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art There shines the Emblem of The American Legion, it is your badge of distinction, honor and service. It stands for God and Country, and the highest rights of man. Of its several parts, each has a meaning. Elements of the emblem The rays of the sun The rays of the sun form the background of our proud emblem and suggests the Legion's principles will dispel the darkness of violence and evil


The Legion of Mary: it's global mission Part 3. Addie Wilbu Long Live the Legion is Tier 10 playable content that contains the open world zone 31st Century: New Earth with daily and weekly missions, the alert Legion: HQ Orientation and the raid Legion: Convergence of Unmaking.. Episode 39: Long Live The Legion was released on November 5, 2020. Access to Long Live The Legion is available to members with an active subscription Drawing its inspiration from the True Devotion to Mary, as taught by St. Louis Marie de Montfort, and which had a profound influence on the Founder of the Legion, the Servant of God, Frank Duff, the Legion is at the disposal of the Bishops and Priests for use in the mission of the Church

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ME2: Loyalty Missions. By hanaraad Watch. 1K Favourites. 257 Comments. 84K Views. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite Loyalty Mission in the game. Image details. Image size. You forgot Legion. Reply. Austincantswim Feb 26, 2017. The SR-2 Daddy issues. Reply. The-PBG Feb 12, 2017 Our Mission. In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad [Class Hall] Legion Missions rewards. Gold currency is no longer rewarded from missions. Affected missions now reward [Order Resources] instead. Artifact Power is no longer rewarded from missions (as base reward for 110 level missions and bonus reward for any level missions) tali or legion. i know. read down - #157892927 added by sketchE at Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions in a nutshel

Mission - Legion Au

No Quarter: Special Mission: Iron Rain — Protect Iron Legion builders as they construct mortars at the fortress or port. (0 ) No Quarter : Special Mission: Iron Scavenger — Collect 300 War Supplies from charr salvage found in the Drizzlewood Coast The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st or 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as Vader's Fist and the Five Hundred and First, was a brigade-sized Legion of elite clone troopers that was secretly commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Shortly after Jedi Purge and the formation of the Galactic Empire, the 501st later became a unit of the Stormtrooper Corps. Since. Watch Dogs Legion Guide: Here is the complete list of mission that are there in Watch Dogs: Legion. We know that Watch Dogs: Legion is a rather long game. Check out the total 37 missions awaiting you as you play this game. Ubisoft has come up with a rather exciting set of features in Watc Ok so i might be getting Mass Effect 2 pretty soon as i beat the first yesterday and got a few questions. Well, my character in mass effect 1 (which i will be importing to mass effect 2) is a Paragon and i know a little about how the story roles in Mass Effect 2 and was wondering how i can save ALL of my crew in Mass Effect 2 before the final mission. I know that you have to do their loyalty.

Mass Effect 2: Legion Dialogs on Tali's Mission - YouTub

The Imperial Legion, also known as the Red Legion, Imperial Army and the Ruby Ranks, is the main fighting force of the Empire of Tamriel.It is often pluralized as the Imperial Legions. It operates under the auspices and authority of the Emperor himself. With its vast numbers, quality training, and rigid discipline, the Legion is considered one of the best armies ever assembled in history Loyalty Lyrics: I take this pledge on my honor / I will take this pledge on my honor / I will do my best / I will take this pledge / I will probably be there / I will probably be there / I will b Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. The 501st Legion, alternatively referred to at one point as the 501st Clone Battalion, and later nicknamed Vader's Fist, was an elite stormtrooper legion under the command of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader during the Imperial Era. The legion predated the Galactic Empire, its origins dating back.

Legion: A House Divided - Crew Member Loyalty Missions

Into the Void is a main mission relating to Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs Legion. Your task is to find Skye Larsen and confront her. You will be faced with a decision to either let her live or kill her. Here's a walkthrough of Into the Void in Watch Dogs Legion. Locate Skye Larsen. Get to the Blume building to find Skye. Hack the Blume serve World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth expansion for World of Warcraft. It was announced at Gamescom on 6 August 2015 and released on 30 August 2016,[2][3] selling 3.3 million copies by the end of launch day.[4] The expansion's alpha went live on 23 November 2015,[5] then concluded on 10 May 2016 in order for the beta to start two days later.[6] The pre-expansion patch, patch 7.0. The Tyrant's Legion was the human auxilia Planetary Defence Forces that Lufgt Huron, the rogue Chapter Master of the Renegade Astral Claws Space Marine Chapter, reforged under his command to his own specification when he first assumed the mantle of Tyrant of Badab in 718.M41. The Tyrant's Legion were a highly effective force, allowing the Secessionist cause to defend the Maelstrom Zone. HAM legion is not really a good level 4 mission ship. You have to get close enough to many enemy groups that you are vulnerable to being webbed. I did run level 4 missions for a while with a HAM legion but find a HM Tengu is vastly superior as a level 4 mission ship

Why do we Fight? - Volume I - For Honor - Chapter 10 (Part

The Alpha Legion is the Chaos Space Marine Traitor Legion about whom the least is known. The Alpha Legion was once the XX th Legion of Astartes created during the First Founding by the Emperor of Mankind to carry out His Great Crusade to reunite all of humanity in a new golden age under His rule. They are experts in infiltration, covert operations, misdirection and diversion tactics, and their. Watch Dogs Legion recruitment. You can recruit allies in Watch Dogs Legion one of three ways: by completing main story missions, completing recruitment missions, or liberating a London borough To get to the Stormzy mission in Watch Dogs Legion, you need to get quite a way through the game first. It's not available to you right from the start, unfortunately. Play through the game until. Approaching the second mission, we make good use of Watch Dogs Legion's hacking mechanic to survey the site where a fellow DedSec operative is being held captive Paragon of Loyalty Daggers: Legion Token x500: Legion Operative's Gun: Legion Token x300: Dark Devourer of Souls Scythe: Legion Devourer of Souls Scythe x1, Legion Token x250: Legion Devourer of Souls Scythe: Legion Token x750 + 2020 + 2019. Browse this shop in our free web game at. There are eight boroughs under Albion's oppression in Watch Dogs: Legion, though the first handful of missions will see you flipping Camden to Defiant within the first hour. From here it's on you to convert the other seven, and you can technically attack them in any order you so desire (though having a stable of operatives will make the task easier to accomplish)

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