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Professor Minerva McGonagall (b. 4 October, 1935) was a Scottish half-blood witch and the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in addition to her duties as the Professor of Transfiguration, a title she has held since December 1956 . The daughter of a Presbyterian minister and his wife, Minerva was a half-blood, and more. From these quotes, it would be fair to say that McGonagall was born in 1935, enrolled at Hogwarts in 1947, graduated in 1954, worked at the Ministry for two years, and then returned to Hogwarts as.. Minerva McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935 and is 85 years old now. Birthday: October 4, 1935. How Old - Age: 85 Minerva McGonagall McGonagall next to the Great Hall doors: Born 4th October Died Unknown Species Human Parentage Muggle father (Robert McGonagall), witch mother (Isobel Ross) Family Members Husband Elphinstone Urquhart, deceased. No children. Brothers Malcolm and Robert Jr. Affiliations Hogwarts (joined as teacher in December 1956), Ministry of Magi Two more children, both sons, were born to the McGonagalls, and both, in due course, revealed magical ability. Minerva helped her mother explain to Malcolm and Robert Junior that they must not flaunt their magic, and aided her mother in concealing from their father the accidents and embarrassments their magic sometimes caused

Minerva McGonagall: Kvinna: 1993, 1997, 1998-? Dolores Umbridge: Kvinna: 1996: Severus Snape: Man: 1997-199 Order of the Phoenix. Minerva McGonagall was a witch who became the Transfiguration Professor and later Headteacher of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. An exceptional student of magical talent, she was made Prefect and Head Girl and had a particular talent for Transfiguration, and eventually became Animagus

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Minerva McGonagall is born into a home that requires stringent observation of rules; a home that will eventually attempt to conceal no fewer than four magical residents from the Muggles that. Professor McGonagall was born on October 4th, which means that she shares a birthday with Dakota Johnson (actress) and Derrick Rose (NBA player). Minerva had two brothers who were Wizards, Robert McGonagall Jr, and Malcolm McGonagall Isobel McGonagall (née Ross) (fl. 1917 - 1981) was a Scottish witch and daughter of Mr and Mrs Ross. She married Robert McGonagall and became the mother of Minerva, Malcolm, and Robert Jnr.2 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Marriage and family 2 Magical abilities and skills 3 Appearances 4 Notes and references Isobel was born to Mr and Mrs Ross, a wizard and witch, and grew up in a village in. <acronym class=hidden title= Minerva McGonagall was born on the outskirts of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, on 4 October 1935 to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and his wife, Isobel Ross, a witch. She was the couple's first child, and was named after her mother's grandmother, an immensely talented witch Fantastic Beasts 2 takes place in 1927 and features a 20-something Minerva McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts. BUT according to Pottermore, Professor McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935 making her..

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Minerva Vesta McGonagall O.M. (1st Class) (b. 4 October 1930) is a Half-blood Scottish witch born to Robert McGonagall and Isobel Ross, she is their only daughter though she does have two younger brothers Malcolm and Robert Jr.. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between the years of 1942 and 1949, she was sorted into Gryffindor house.. However. the hat took 5½ minutes to. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t..

Minerva McGonagall made a confusing appearance in the Crimes of Grindelwald that has many fans questioning whether author J.K. Rowling made a massive mistake Minerva McGonagall: So I noticed. I would think you would want to fill it with Potions. Or is it no longer your ambition to become an Auror? Harry Potter: It was, but I was told I had to get an Outstanding in my O.W.L. Minerva McGonagall: So you did, when Professor Snape was teaching Potions Minerva was born near the shore of the Pentland Firth on 4 October 1925. Her father, Thorfinn McGonagall, hailed from an old Scandinavian-Scottish family of pure-blood witches and wizards, while Morrigan McGonagall, her mother, was descended from the wizarding branches of the Urquart and MacLaughlin clans. Minutes after her birth, Minerva gave the first indication that she would grow up to.

Biography Early life. Minerva McGonagall was born on 4 October, to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and his wife Isobel Ross, a witch.She was the couple's first child and was named after her mother's grandmother, a very powerful witch.By then, her parents lived on the outskirts of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, in a village where mostly lived Muggles Tartan robes are seen on McGonagall while she's watching Quidditch (wizard's sport) or she's wearing her evening gown.Minerva is a half-blood and was born on October 4, 1925 to a witch, Isobel (nee Ross) and a muggle, Robert McGonagall. Minerva was named after her grandmother, a very talented witch, whom died right before her granddaughter was. Why Did Crimes of Grindelwald Forget Minerva McGonagall Wasn't Even Born Until 1936? Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set in 1927. 1927 Minerva Mcgonagall. 36 likes. Professor Minerva Mcgonagall (Born. 4 October, 1935 Caithness, Scotland, Great Britain) Blood status Half-blood Minerva McGonagall was born on 4 October 1935 in Scotland to Robert McGonagall and Isobel Ross. McGonagall was born a half-blood witch as her father was a Muggle and her mother a witch. McGonagall began her Hogwarts education at the age of eleven and was sorted into Gryffindor after being the longest ever Hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw

Minerva McGonagall was the Transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress at Hogwarts for over forty years, and a powerful witch and Animagus (PS1, PS4).McGonagall has a stern exterior, keeping her classes strictly controlled and following the rules closely (), yet has a warm heart and cares deeply for her friends and students.She also played a vital role in the Order of the Phoenix. Smith played Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series (2001-2011). Her other films include Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing (1973), Death on the Nile (1978), Clash of the Titans (1981), Evil Under the Sun (1982), Hook (1991), Sister Act (1992), Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993), The Secret Garden (1993), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012), and The Lady in. She may be a strict teacher, but deep down Professor Minerva McGonagall is actually a total badass. She has some great moments both in the books and on screen—but there are still facts you might not know about her

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Minerva McGonagall var biträdande rektor under Dumbledore och vikarierade då han tillfälligt blev avsatt. Efter hans död blev hon ordinarie rektor för Hogwarts. Dolores Umbridge började sin karriär på Hogwarts som lärare i försvar mot svartkonster och fick snart även titeln överinkvisitor av Trolldomsministeriet Not at all. There is no evidence AT ALL for it in the text and it just doesn't add up for so many reasons. McGonagall married late in life and never had children. Even if people argue that Filch could be her illegitimate son, the timing doesn't ad.. Minerva McGonagall was born on the outskirts of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, on October 4, 1935 to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and his wife, Isobel Ross, a witch. She was the couple's first child, and was named after her mother's grandmother, an immensely talented witch Minerva McGonagall was born to a pure-blood witch, Isobel Ross, and a Muggle Presbyterian minister Robert McGonagall. She was their eldest child, and the only daughter of the young couple [1] . Even from the eariest hours, Minerva displayed small but obvious signs of magic, such as causing toys to fly towards her from far away, the cat to do her bidding and her father's bagpipes to play. Maggie Smith, Actress: Gosford Park. One of the world's most famous and distinguished actresses, Dame Maggie Smith was born Margaret Natalie Smith in Essex. Her Scottish mother, Margaret (Hutton), worked as a secretary, and her English father, Nathaniel Smith, was a teacher at Oxford University. Smith has been married twice: to actor Robert Stephens and to playwright Beverley Cross..

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Professor Minerva McGonagall was the Transfiguration teacher and later Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was also the Head of Gryffindor House for over 20 years. See McGonagall's Harry Potter Wiki page. In Star's universe, Minerva McGonagall was not yet born during the events of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Instead, her role in the film is taken by. Minerva McGonagall wasn't born yesterday! She'll not be hoodwinked by some swaggering imbecile in a fancy cloak and yes, we're talking about Gilderoy Lockhart: 'V-very well,' he said. 'I'll - I'll be in my office, getting - getting ready.' And he left the room Minerva Gail McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935. Most notably known for her role in the reconstruction of Hogwarts School and Witchcraft and Wizardry after the fall of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the retired Headmistress has lived a robust, interesting life

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  1. Fantastic Beasts 2 takes place in 1927 and features a 20-something Minerva McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts. BUT according to Pottermore, Professor McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935 making her a -8 year old Professor. Impressive. — Rohita (@rohitak) November 17, 201
  2. When was Professor McGonagall born? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 10 months ago. Minerva returned to the manse to enjoy one last summer with her family before setting out for London, where she had been offered a position at the Ministry of Magic (Department of Magical Law Enforcement)
  3. Minerva McGonagall returns to the Wizarding World barely six months after she left it. Her baby, not yet born, has already changed Minerva's destiny; everything she had ever know is thrown into the fire and from the ashes she must rise a mother, a defender. And behind it all are the men whose actions and decisions have claimed her
  4. 12 Years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall is confronted with the sight of every single non-Muggleborn First Year having messy black hair and green eyes. Prompt Rumour has it that following the Opening Feast, she locked herself away in the Headmistress's Office, along with enough alcohol to drown an Abraxan, and refuses to come out until Harry Potter owns up to his latest mess
  5. The daughter of Albus Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagall (Book 1) The baby born and 1 year later. Amy. As the hours passed, the contractions got worse, meaning much more pain for Minerva, and therefore Albus, he hated to see her pain, not to mention that he could no longer feel his hand,.
  6. McGonagall's appearance is welcome, albeit anachronistic. According to the books, Professor McGonagall was born in 1935, while Fantastic Beasts takes place in the late 1920's

McGonagall started teaching at Hogwarts supposedly around 1956. She was born in 1935, graduated in 1954, and worked at the Ministry two years after graduation before asking Dumbledore to work as a professor at the school. If this timeline is canon, then McGonagall definitely would have taught James and Lily as they were at Hogwarts during the 70s Minerva was born on the outskirts of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, on 4 October, 1935 to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and his wife, Isobel Ross, a witch. She was the couple's first child, and was named after her mother's grandmother, an immensely talented witch

Set - Includes Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom Wand & More - Harry Potter Gifts, Merch, Accessories, Party Favors by PMI. 4.8 out of 5 stars 24. $19.99 $ 19. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 17. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Professor Minerva McGonagall was one of the most definitive teachers at Hogwarts in the original Harry Potter series. But by introducing her as a teacher at the school during the 1930's, writer JK Rowling removes much of the pathos she gave the character's backstory in other released material. McGonagall shouldn't have shown up at Hogwarts When Minerva McGonagall heard she had to visit all of the muggle-born students in her house, she expected a tedious beginning to her holiday. When she ended up bringing a student home with her, it gave her the piece of her family she had been missing

Professor Minerva McGonagall : [seeing everyone's faces] Very well. Well, you all know, of course, that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago, by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age Minerva McGonagall was born in 1935 from a Muggle father, Robert McGonagall and wizard mother, Isobel Ross. She is the first child of the couple and she named after her maternal grandmother who is an important wizard. Minerva McGonagall's mother is also a different character. She abandoned her magical abilities for the sake of love Minerva McGonagall (21) Sybill Trelawney (21) Albus Dumbledore (8) Severus Snape (4) Hermione Granger (4) Sirius Black (3) Charlie Weasley (3) Fred Weasley (3) Remus Lupin (2) Neville Longbottom (2) Include Relationships Minerva McGonagall/Sybill Trelawney (26) Rolanda Hooch/Minerva McGonagall (2) Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (1

I woke up to someone poking me. Piss off I'm trying to sleep. I muttered and I heard laughing, before getting poked again. I punched whatever was closest to me and I heard a groan. Good, they deserved it. I suddenly, felt myself falling through the air before hitting the ground. My eyes sprung open, only to be met with the patterned carpet. Bloody hell Amz you didn't need to.. Professor Minerva McGonagall was a Scottish half-blood witch. Minerva attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was Sorted into Gryffindor House, but it took the sorting hat five and a half minutes to decide if she was Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, which made her a Hatstall Minerva kept her last name of McGonagall (which drew derision from people wondering why she would keep a Muggle name), but the two extraordinarily intelligent wizards were equals in every way, and. Today's profile: Minerva McGonagall. McGonagall in Wizards Unite. If you have been keeping up with our Gameplay posts you will know by now that, once we start the game, we will have to choose between three professions: you can be a Professor, an Auror or a Magizoologist.. Each profession will have a Leader that will be our contact and guide throughout the game Välkommen till Heromic. Vi säljer Harry Potter Wand - Minerva McGonagall för endast 399.00 kr. Hos oss kan du köpa allt inom actionfigurer och samlarobjekt

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What we know about Minerva McGonagall The main sticking point about why McGonagall's cameo doesn't work is a rather simple one compared to some of the film's other sprawling issues Minerva McGonagall was born circa 1920 and attended Hogwarts circa 1931-1938. At some point after 1971, she became the Transfiguration teacher and Gryffindor Head of House at Hogwarts. In 1991, when Harry Potter came to the school, she gave him the position of Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team after he caught a falling Remembrall from 100 feet in the air McGonagall was born October 4 in Scotland. Her mother was a witch and her father was a muggle, she had two brothers. It took the sorting hat five minutes to choose between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor for an 11 year old, and later she was appointed head girl Minerva McGonagall; Biographical information Born 1935-11-04, 76 Current City Hogsmeade Residence Hogwarts. Blood status Half-blood Physical information Species Human Gender Female Height 59' Hair colour Dark Brown Eye colour Green Skin colour Fair Relationships Father Robert McGonagall, Sr. Mother Isobel McGonagall. Siblings Malcolm McGonagall

Maggie Smith, popular in this generation as Professor Minerva McGonagall. Born in 1934, she landed her Broadway debut in 1956 and shortly made into the silver screen in early 60s. This is how she looked back then. Magnificent, isn't she? One more. As Othello's Desdemona. (1965), Shakespeare's epitome o Childhood. Minerva McGonagall was the first child, and only daughter, of a Scottish Presbyterian minister and a Hogwarts-educated witch. She grew up in the Highlands of Scotland in the early twentieth century, and only gradually became aware that there was something strange, both about her own abilities, and her parents' marriage How old is Minerva McGonagall? Fantastic Beasts 2 takes place in 1927 and features a 20-something Minerva McGonagall teaching at Hogwarts. BUT according to Pottermore, Professor McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935 making her a -8 year old Professor Minerva McGonagall was born on October 2. Not much is known about her birth and background. We do know that she was part of the Battle of Hogwarts during the dark ages with Voldemort. She kept the school under control after receiving the headmistress position when the former headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, died

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  1. g the infant after her own grandmother, an immensely talented witch [1]
  2. 95 years old. Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE (born October 16, 1925) is a British-American actress and singer who has appeared in theater, television, and film roles. Her career has spanned almost eight decades..
  3. May 13, 2018 - 4th October 1935-Minerva McGonagall is born to Robert McGonagall and Isobel Ross #harrypotter #timelin

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She appeared in Hook with Robin Williams and later took on the role of Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film franchise. Family Life. She married Robert Stephens in June 1967. They welcomed their son Chris later that year and had another son, Toby, in 1969. Associated Wit The site revealed that McGonagall was born in 1935, the daughter of a witch and her husband, a Muggle Presbyterian minister. From the beginning, that sets up a dichotomy to the character that makes for an interesting comparison Professor Minerva McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, Order of Merlin, First Class, is a witch teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts as of 1993. 1 Description 1.1 Biography 1.1.1 Past 1.1.2 1991-1992 1.2 1992-1993 2 Notes Professor McGonagall's past up until 1991 is identical to her canon self. It is additionally known that in 1954 she had a portrait of herself. Minerva McGonagall really can do anything. Including being a Hogwarts' teacher in the times she wasn't even born yet. freetobenoonebutmee2 Okategoriserade 22 november, 201 This means she left Hogwarts as a student in July 1954, and therefore, she started attending in 1947 when she was 11, which means she was born in 1935. Fiona Glascott. Let's analyse all the options. If it is in fact a thirty-something McGonagall, then there's a canon contradiction

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Nov 3, 2019 - On this day in fictional history October 4 ' Minerva _ McGonagall is born - popular memes on the site ifunny.c Spoilers Ahead. If you haven't watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald yet, please do not read further.. According to this and many other such fan pages, Minerva McGonagall, Harry's Transfiguration teacher was born in 1935 (although Pottermore only mentions October 4, and no year).Now, in The Crimes of Grindelwald, we see a Professor McGonagall when the Aurors come to question. On October 1, 1930 in Ireland, Richard Harris was born • Richard Harris and Maggie Smith as Professor Albus Dumbledore and Professor Minerva McGonagall in 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' (2001) Oct 17, 2013 - brienneoftvrth: Minerva McGonagall was born on the outskirts of Caithness in the Scottish Highlands, on 4 October, 1935 to Robert McGonagall, a Muggle Presbyterian minister, and his wife, Isobel..

Another possibility is that this McGonagall is not minerva at all - but His relatives. It's going a long way to explain the presence of a McGonagall nearly a decade before Minerva was born, but that's not what's going on here. The published script confirms that this is actually Minerva herself Samantha Sam Liara McGonagall (b.25th October, 1979) is a Half-blood Scottish witch born to William and Felicity McGonagall (née Sinclair), she and her twin Arya are the couples eldest daughters, they also have a younger brother Wyatt McGonagall and a younger sister Flora McGonagall I am Professor Minerva McGonagall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have chosen this muggle method of communication in order to more easily communicate with muggle-born witches and wizards and their concerned parents. I do, of course, extend this method of communication to anyone who finds it to be of use

William Topaz McGonagall was born in March 1825, though his own account of his date of birth varied from one telling to the next. When he resolved to become a poet, he wrote to Queen Victoria requesting her patronage Apr 29, 2019 - Explore allison little's board Minerva McGonagall on Pinterest. See more ideas about harry potter fantastic beasts, harry potter, harry potter fandom. Minerva McGonagall This crossword clue Gryffindor's Minerva McGonagall, e.g. was discovered last seen in the May 16 2020 at the Wall Street Journal Crossword. The crossword clue possible answer is available in 7 letters.This answers first letter of which starts with H and can be found at the end of I Minerva McGonagall was born on the 4th of October, 1899 in Scotland to Robert and Isobel McGonagall. Minerva was born a half-blooded witch as her father was a Muggle and her mother a Witch. McGonagall began her Hogwarts education at the age of eleven and was sorted into Gryffindor after being a Hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw McGonagall was born in 1825, 110 years before his relative Minerva; he has a long face & similar sharp features Mcgonagall decided he needed a patron so wrote to Queen Victoria, a court functionary wrote back thanking him for his interest

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But Minerva McGonagall's birth year was calculated to be 1935. How is she in this movie, as an adult, if she wasn't born yet sirius: i was bOrn for politics sirius: i have great hair and i love lying harry potter the marauders james potter minerva mcgonagall remus lupin sirius black hogwart

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  1. ent English film, stage], and television actress who made her stage debut in 1952 and is still perfor
  2. ister, and his wife, Isobel Ross, a witch.
  3. Minerva McGonagall (born October 4, c. 1920s) is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. Rowling. She is, according to Rowling, a sprightly 70 year old. acted by Dame Margaret Natalie Smith, DBE (born 28 December 1934
  4. I was born and raised in Brazil, however, I moves around a lot during my 25 years; Sao Paulo, Brazil - Santiago, Chile - Recife, Brazil - Campinas, Brazil - Columbia, MO, USA - Miami, USA
  5. Professor Minerva McGonagall is a symbol of strength, love, and loyalty. She stands for the permanence and perseverance of every woman in this world
  6. See what Minerva Mcgonagall (McgonagallMinerva) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas

Character Moodboard : Minerva McGonagall . Born - October 4, 1935. #moodboard #harry potter #harry potter edit #harrypotteredit #harry potter moodboard #hp fandom #hp characters #hp edit #hpedit #hp #hp moodboard #magicfolk #dailypotter #minerva mcgonagall #minerva mcgonagall edit #minerva mcgonagall moodboard #professor mcgonagall #my edi Fans have queried whether McGonagall could even have been alive in the time of the film, which is set in 1927 Credit: PA:Press Association. Warner Bros confirmed that Minerva McGonagall would be. Biography Early life. First years approaching Hogwarts Castle to begin their magical education. Pomona Sprout was born into a wizarding family of unknown degree on 15 May in 1931 or 1941 in Britain or Ireland.She presumably purchased her wand from Diagon Alley at the age of eleven, prior to attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.. She was Sorted into Hufflepuff House upon her.

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The wit and wisdom of Professor McGonagall | Wizarding WorldProfessor McGonagall cameo in Fantastic Beasts : The
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