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Simple and compact low-cost DIY submachine gun prototype. Posted July 7, 2015 in Guns & Gear, Patents by ImproGuns with 27 Comments. Tags: DIY, homebuilt SMG, homemade guns, homemade pistol, Homemade submachine guns. Here are pictures of a neat little submachine gun prototype sent in. It uses minimal components and can be constructed with very. Sten is the simplest mass-production submachine gun used during World War 2. It evolved form a more complex and expensive Lanchester. Sten Mk.2 (and later Mk.3) was simple to the extreme. All-metal and made to generous tolerances it was much faster and cheaper to make than an Enfield rifle The Owen Gun, which was known officially as the Owen Machine Carbine. The Owen Gun is a 9mm Parabellum Australian submachine gun designed by Evelyn Owen in 1939. The Owen is a simple, highly reliable, open bolt, blowback SMG. It was designed to be fired either from the shoulder or the hip The US M3 .45 ACP Grease Gun was a simple, utilitarian design that saw service at the end of World War II. Submachine guns (SMG's) are compact fully automatic shoulder arms that fire relatively low-powered pistol cartridges

Simple and compact low-cost DIY submachine gun prototype

  1. The Simplest SMG. Made from cheap, stamped-metal parts and requiring only a bit of welding, a single Sten could be produced at a workbench by a semi-skilled labourer in few hours — a fully outfitted factory could produce hundreds of the weapons in a shift. Early variants of the gun were built with fewer than 50 parts
  2. Currently top 10 submachine guns in the world are these: Nr.1 Heckler & Koch MP5 (Germany) The MP5 submachine gun was developed by Heckler & Koch company in the early 1960s. It proved to be a highly successful design
  3. 7,62 x 39mm 5,56 x 45mm Continue readin
  4. Carlo (submachine gun) The Carlo ( Arabic: كارلو ‎) (also referred to as Carl Gustav) is a submachine gun manufactured by small workshops in Palestine. The design has been inspired by the Swedish Carl Gustav m/45 and its Egyptian Port Said variant, however the similarity is often only passing
  5. The Thompson submachine gun, a.k.a. the Tommy gun, was an early submachine gun design. It was popular among soldiers, police, and civilians alike. It was invented by Brigadier General John T. Thompson at the end of World War I as a trench-boom weapon, or a weapon that could clear out trenches very quickly. The war ended before the submachine gun could be used in battle. In 1919, Brigadier General Thompson had the company he founded, Auto-Ordnance Company, modify the gun for.
  6. The M-56 is a Yugoslav take on the MP-40 design, produced starting in 1956 to replace its previously issued M49 submachine gun (which was a copy of the Sovie..
  7. A submachine gun is a type of gun that shoots many bullets, usually pistol bullets, when one holds down the trigger. A submachine gun is smaller than a machine gun and can easily be carried by one person. They are often used where people need to defend themselves in small areas, or people need to fire many bullets quickly. The first submachine guns were invented in the early 1900s. They are often used by the police and counter-terrorism units. The Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun: a favourite

The Gepard submachine gun (Cyrillic: Гепард, lit. cheetah) was a Russian multi-caliber submachine gun designed by Gennadiy Sitov and Aleksandr Shevchenko in 1995 and produced by Reks in prototype form only. The Gepard was designed in 1995 as an experimental submachine gun with an ability to.. Sten Mk.II light weight gun in 9mm Luger.The STEN (or Sten gun) was a family of British 9 mm submachine guns... A few shots of a famous WW2 weapon from Britain

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TLDR: Submachine guns use handgun ammunition. Machine guns use rifle ammunition. If a gun-toting character pulls the trigger and holds it there while the business end goes bang-bang-bang, then there's an excellent chance that firearm is a submachine gun or a machine gun (warning: does not apply to characters requesting someone pull their fingers) Submachine_Gun_Designers_Handbook_Dmitrieff Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t0cv8k13s Isbn 087947100X Lccn 93109319 Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Openlibrary OL1455104M Openlibrary_edition OL1455104M Openlibrary_work OL1670324W Pages 98 Ppi 600 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.9. Functionality. The Submachine Gun is a fast firing, short range and high hip-fire accuracy weapon, in line with most SMGs in the game. The purpose of the Submachine Gun is to deal high amounts of DPS in a close range environment, similar to a shotgun.The weapon can function at longer ranges, but the damage falloff is high and the accuracy low Meet the Owen: The Weirdest Submachine Gun to Fire a Shot. But it did the job. by War Is Boring. If there were a contest for the weirdest and wackiest-looking submachine gun of World War II. QUESTION FOR FRIENDS . WHAT SUBMACHINE GUN IS THAT? I MEAN WHAT KEEPS THE 3 FIRST AT THIS PARADE AT CYPRUS BEFORE OF 1974 WAR . THESE MEN ARE VOLUNTEERS IN CYPRUS ARMY I SEARCH ALL GOOGLE..BUT NOTHING..PLS HELP IF SOMEONE KNOWS.BUT TRU

The Austen (from Aust ralian St en ) was a 9×19mm Australian submachine gun derived from the British Sten gun developed during the Second World War. In total 19,914 Austens were produced during the war by Diecasters Ltd of Melbourne and W. T. Carmichael Ltd of Sydney. Austen Submachine gun. An Austen Mark 1 submachine gun. Type. Submachine gun The submachine gun is an unlockable weapon in Silent Hill 4: The Room and is for Eileen Galvin's exclusive use. It can only be found after completing the game with a nine-star ranking and starting a Brand-new Fear game. It is found in Room 102 of South Ashfield Heights, on the counter by the refrigerator Submachine gun definition is - a portable automatic firearm that uses pistol-type ammunition and is fired from the shoulder or hip 1 Description 2 Submachine Gun List 3 Crafting 4 Tips Submachine Guns (often called SMG) are low damage, fully automatic weapons which uses 9mm SMG as ammunition. Their high fire-rate and somewhat low accuracy make it best suited for close range engagements. This weapon works best in close quarters engagements such as building-to-building combat in towns. Engaging enemies out in the open is. The Unlimited Submachine Gun is an unlockable firearm in Silent Hill 3. It is unlocked once Heather Mason kills God with a melee weapon; it will be available for the player to use upon beginning an Extra New Game. The player doesn't need to drain all God's health with a melee weapon - only the final killing blow must be from a melee weapon. It is found once the player exits the mall through.

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The lightweight machine gun known as the Tommy gun, or Thompson submachine gun, was developed for use in World War I, and then marketed to law enforcement personnel. It became notorious as the gun of choice of gangsters in the 1920s and 1930s As a type of military small arm light machineguns tend to be more complicated designs than rifles or submachine guns, Yes, but there were still some designs that were inherently more complicated than others, I am only asking about the simplest by LMG standards of the day, I'm not expecting some AK-47 of WW2 LMGs Submachine Guns. Boasting an incredible rate of fire, the SMG's of Valorant are the means of which poor aimers can find some level of success. This budget-friendly spray and pray class of weapons is made up of only two weapons When it comes to perfect play, your best aids are the simplest ones

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Customer reviews Firearm Anatomy Book II ~ What David S Findley did for the Thompson M1A1 SMG one of the more complex firearms made he does in this book for one of the simplest submachine guns the lowly Sten MK2 submachine gun From the production and design timeframe and production numbers to the mechanical design and usable metallurgy for wartime productio In the latter half of the 20th century, submachine guns were being miniaturized to the point of being only slightly larger than some large handguns. The most widely used submachine gun at the end of the 20th century was the Heckler & Koch MP5. The MP5 is actually designated as a machine pistol by Heckler & Koch (MP5 stands for Maschinenpistole 5, or Machine Pistol 5), although some reserve this designation for even smaller submachine guns such as the MAC-10, which are about the size and. In 1943, the year prior to the Warsaw Uprising in WWII, the Polish resistance created a submachine gun known as the Błyskawica (lightning). An interbred design that took the best points of both the British Sten and the German MP-40, over 700 of these open bolt SMGs were made by Polish gunsmiths in secret The world's simplest SMG? Pictured is an ultra minimal, highly compact submachine gun design which is a clear contender for the simplest ever conceived. Disassembled It consists of only nine parts including screws and springs

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It was Thompson submachine guns in the gangster '20s, sawed-off shotguns, zip guns when we started talking about juvenile delinquency in the '50s (oh, innocent era), imported military surplus. The simplest kind of ammunition. Crafted with cobblestone and gunpowder. It's only used by the Hand Cannon. Pistol Rounds [edit | edit source] Powering pistols and submachine guns. Can be either crafted on the workbench or produced in Ammo Press. Pistol rounds can be loaded into pistol magazine, or SMG magazine. Used in Jul 9, 2018 - Pictured is an ultra minimal, highly compact submachine gun design which is a clear contender for the simplest ever conceived. Disassembled It consists of only nine parts including screws and springs. Almost every main component is fabricated using steel box section tube, including the one-piece thumb operated trigger. Overall this SMG measures 15 1/2″ long Nov 28, 2018 - A 9mm submachine gun designed to be ultra compact and use the least number of parts possible. Nearly all components are made from square tubing including a one piece push trigger which is operated with the user's thumb Above is a Polish variant of the Soviet PPS43, one of the simplest possible submachine guns in existence.Unlike the original, this one is chambered for 9×19 Luger. It exemplifies the main advantages of open bolt guns: relatively light weight for the cartridge used, very low felt recoil and simplicity of construction permitting lower cost for the same quality

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  1. IMI Uzi Notes: Introduced in 1953, the Uzi was one of the first designs of premier Israeli small arms designer Uziel Gal. He drew inspiration from two pre-World War 2 Czech submachineguns, the ZK-476 (which only made it only to the prototype stage), and the VZ-23 series (which were not actually produced until after World War 2)
  2. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Firearm Anatomy: The Sten Submachine Gun: 2 at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  3. Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns. The primary weapon of the Navy SEAL is the assault rifle. A number of models are in use, but the standard issue is the Colt M4A1 carbine. This is a flexible, modular weapon that can be configured to the task at hand through the use of accessories such as a sound suppressor, laser sight or night-vision scope
  4. Submachine Guns Heckler & Koch MP5A2. Heckler & Koch MP5A2s are used by GCPD SWAT officers as well as one of Lau's men that is disarmed by Batman. Heckler This gun was likely selected because it is arguably one of the simplest guns to disassemble of many. Stevens Hammerless 1960s era shotgun - 12 Gauge. Bruce takes the shotgun from one of.
  5. ass 01 appeared in the manga New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit. It was piloted by MO-V's Odin Bernett and later by Roche Nattono. 1 Technology & Combat Characteristics 2 Armaments 3 Special Equipment & Features 4 History 5 Picture Gallery 6 Games 7 Gunpla 8 Notes & Trivia 9 References 10 External.

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  1. A privately built submachine gun is one of the simplest firearms to construct on the planet. That is what this will all come to when the Civil War hits!!!! 4. Deplorable Bil
  2. The Killer Bean (Also known as Killer Bean: The Interrogation) is a short film released in 1996. It is the first animation of the Killer Bean franchise, as well as the first appearance of Killer Bean as a character. A red bean is shown strapped to a chair in a room byThe Mafia. He is first shown asleep, until theMafia Bossslaps him awake. The Mafia Boss then asks the bean who he is. He.
  3. Description: Kill 25 enemies while in stealth using the Trench knife. Unlocks the Red Bear mask, Short Barrel, Suppressed Barrel, Short Mag, Folded Stock, No Stock, Solid Stock, Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel for the Patchett L2A1 submachine gun, Barrel Sight 44, Damper.L 44 Nozzle for the Broomstick pistol, Red Sun material and Death Dealer.

Said setup saw some use in submachine-guns such as the Erma Mp.40/I and Erma Mp.44 (an experimental development not related with the famous Sturmgewehr). Oleg Volk Historically speaking, high-capacity magazines were among the first solutions ever conceived to boost the firepower of man-portable automatic weapons and make them suitable for roles such as close infantry suppor Jan 5, 2013 - A couple years ago Sten gun parts kits were cheap and several folks inthe area had me turn and mill aluminum receivers to make up dummy guns. Well the other day a young man came over and showed me HIS machining project. He made a receiver from steel tubing and was so proud of his work and was REALLY happy about how the gun SHOT

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Sep 25, 2019 - Pictured is an ultra minimal, highly compact submachine gun design which is a clear contender for the simplest ever conceived. Disassembled It consists of only nine parts including screws and springs. Almost every main component is fabricated using steel box section tube, including the one-piece thumb operated trigger. Overall this SMG measures 15 1/2″ long May 6, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Räuber Hotzenplotz. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Defeat combatants in Legendary Lost Sectors using Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns, Rocket Launchers, or Bows. Rewards: Double XP. For this challenge, you'll want to use a combination of a submachine gun and a sniper rifle. This allows you to use Overload and Anti-Barrier mods, which will make Legendary Lost Sectors much easier Zombie Army 4: PPSH Submachine Gun Bundle Confiável, simples e poderoso, a PPSH de fabricação soviética oferece toda a aspersão e nada da oração. Se você está procurando uma submetralhadora com uma taxa de disparo tão demoníaca quanto as hordas que enfrenta, acabou de encontrar nessa russa clássica Given that the simplest repeating firearm that can be replicated in a home workshop is the blowback operated full automatic pistol-caliber submachine gun modeled off the US MAC-10, British STEN. Bernardo Provenzano (Italian pronunciation: [berˈnardo provenˈtsaːno]; 31 January 1933 - 13 July 2016) was an Italian mobster and chief of the Sicilian Mafia clan known as the Corleonesi, a Mafia faction that originated in the town of Corleone, and de facto il capo dei capi (the boss of bosses). His nickname was Binnu u tratturi (Sicilian for Bernardo the tractor) because, in the words. This may be great for those who run-and-gun, as being able to turn on a dime could help a submachine gun user snap onto an enemy going on the flank. While a good portion of the Call of Duty community may never change their sensitivity settings past the default 3-3, we recommend experimenting around the scale to find out your ideal speed for looking around in-game

The Schwarzlose submachine gun, also dubbed the SMG 08/18 and Maxim SMG, its the simplest maps that miss a navmesh, like srsly its common sense that a slender map should have nav by default. More navmesh her The Vityaz is proving that submachine guns are far from obsolete and provide certain advantages in urban combat, hostage rescue scenarios, dignitary protection and undercover operations. The Vityaz combines accuracy and ruggedness in a very compact design. When folded, the six pound gun measures just 18.25 overall

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PPSH eller som förkortningen står för pistolet-pulemyot Shpagina. PPSH-41 är en Sovjetisk submachine gun som sattes i massproduktion under ww2 och har i verkligheten tillverkas i ca: 6milj. ex. Gick under smeknamnet på ryska sidan som pe-pe-sha vilket ungefär betyder Pappa. Originalet var ett lågprisvapen och hade en effektiv träffbild på ca:. Though not technically the first submachine gun deployed in combat, the German army's Machinenpistole 40, or MP40, is certainly one of the most recognizable. From 1940's-era newsreel clips to just about every World War II movie ever made, the iconic MP40 has become synonymous with the Nazi troops that conquered Europe

Barrel Length. Sight Radius. 9mm x 19. 680 mm. 26.77 in. 230 mm. 9.06 in. 225 mm. 8.86in The M3 Submachine Gun series (also known as The Grease Gun), Is an American submachine gun, Chambered in .45 ACP which was developed by the United States during WWII, as a cheaper substitute to the Thompson Submachine Gun Series. Due to it's physical appearance, it earned the name 'Grease gun.. A Soviet made PPSh-41 submachine gun with a box magazine. This particular weapon was manufactured in 1942.Photo: Swedish Army Museum CC BY 4.0. In 1940, the USSR People's Commissariat of Arms made a request for a submachine gun that was close to or superior in performance to the PPD-34/40 submachine gun The American subsidiary of Swiss gunmaker B&T has won a multi-million-dollar contract to supply the U.S. Army with new 9mm submachine guns, which will give personal security details added firepower Submachine Guns (SMGs) are a type of Primary Weapon in Tacticool. Weapons of this class are best suited for medium range combat, offering high fire rate combined with increased mobility. This page lists all weapons from the SMG class. 1 Submachine Guns List 1.1 Regular Submachine Guns 1.2 Golden Submachine Guns 2 Upgrade Path 3 Submachine Gun Mods 3.1 Receiver Mods 3.2 Scope Mods 3.3 Muzzle.

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The Submachine Gun (most commonly called both the SMG and P90 by the community) is an SMG in Battle Royale. It is available in Common, Uncommon, Rare , Epic and Legendary variants and has a headshot multiplier of 1.75x (formally 2.0x). The weapon deals 28, 29, 31, 33 and 35 damage to the head (formally 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 damage to the head) Originally published on May 20, 2015. If there were a contest for the weirdest and wackiest-looking submachine gun of World War II, Australia's Owen would win hands-down. It looks as if the designer cobbled it together from mismatched pieces of plumbing. Rather than a parkerized finish, the factory painted the.. 10 Great: Pharo. This submachine gun is great when it comes to damage-in fact it is the best submachine gun in that regard. Pharo is particularly good in close quarters combat but it can also be. Jean-Luc Picard (as Dixon Hill) wields a Tommy gun. The M1921/28 Thompson submachine gun, commonly known as the Tommy Gun, was an automatic projectile weapon developed in the United States of America in the 1920s. It became particularly recognizable as a symbol of organized crime in the first half of the 20th century, and especially of the Chicago.

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Submachine guns CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 A lightweight automatic firearm designed around our patented blowback design, which combines a robust, dynamic bolt with a removable trigger housing. The CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun features sophisticated ergonomics, extreme accuracy in all modes of fire and proven reliability in combat conditions encountered around the world SIG MPX 9x19 Submachine gun; STM-9 Gen.2 9x19 carabine; Submachinegun PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19; Submachinegun PPSH-41 7.62x2 The .45 Auto submachine gun (SMG) is an old two-handed automatic weapon that was stored in the U.S. Army and National Guard armories at the time of the war. A large number of them have surfaced after these armories were breached by looters after the war, such as the White Legs, for who the .45 SMG has become a signature weapon

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The Thompson submachine gun was originally developed by General John T. Thompson, whose initial idea was to create a semi-automatic rifle to replace the service rifles in use that featured bolt action mechanics. Thompson's dream was to manufacture a trench broom that would help wipe out enemy forces in trench warfare situations Jan 6, 2020 - Explore Quentin Donaldson's board Submachine guns on Pinterest. See more ideas about guns, submachine gun, weapons guns The APC9K is the U.S. Army's first submachine gun since World War II, when it fielded the M1 Thompson submachine gun and the M3 Grease gun. The Army traditionally favors full-sized rifles. In 1919, Thompson directed Auto Ordnance to modify the gun for nonmilitary use. The gun, classified a submachine gun to denote a small, hand-held, fully automatic firearm chambered for pistol ammunition, was officially named the Thompson submachine gun to honor the man most responsible for its creation

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The submachine gun was born from the desire of warplanners to provide the basic infantryman with the voluminous firepower of a machine gun with the portability of a pistol in the early part of the 20th Century - the requirement proved most apparent during World War 1 The latest PPK-20 submachine gun was developed on the basis of Vityaz-SN submachine gun. Differences from the Vityaz are the reworked firing mechanism, the more advanced butt-stock, the silencer. Oct 4, 2020 - Small machine guns that shoot pistol caliber bullets. Gotta love em! . See more ideas about submachine gun, guns, pistol The new PPK-20 resembles the well-known German MP5 submachine gun, which is widely used by European and U.S. counter-terrorist units. PPK-20 uses 9x19 mm pistol rounds and is fed from detachable.

Category:Submachine Gun | FirearmCentral Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Firearm Central. 2,504 Pages. Add new page.. Machine Pistols are part pistol, part submachine gun - whose design is kept as compact as possible. There are a total of [ 32 ] Machine Pistols entries in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z) Below is a gallery of the submachine guns. It contains the BASIC models of each gun. In other words, there is an Image of the MP5A2, but not one of the MP5A3, MP5A4, MP5K, etc. The goal is to help identify guns. An image of the MP5A2 will direct you to the MP5 page where you can figure out if the gun you are looking at is an MP5A2, A3, A4, etc.

139. Entering service in 1931, the 9x19mm Suomi KP/-31 submachine gun saw extensive combat with Finnish troops during their fight against Soviet forces in 1939-44. It was also manufactured under licence in Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden, and remained in Finnish service until the 1980s, an indication of its durability The Armat M39 Submachine Gun (SMG) is an American-made submachine gun used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps as their standard issue SMG; typically during operations in civilian areas[1] and by Weyland-Yutani PMCs.[1][2] 1 Overview 2 Customization 2.1 Attachments 2.2 Sights 2.3 Skins 2.4 Fire Mode 3 Notable Users 4 Ammunition 5 Behind the Scenes 6 Trivia 7 Appearances 8.

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The Submachine Gun is a fully automatic firearm that uses Small Caliber Magazines for ammo and fires more shots per magazine than the Pistol does; 20 shots per magazine compared to the pistol's 8 shots.. It can be found in one of the crates in Wolfman's Camp in the Silent Forest.There is no known way to find the code for the crates in-game and they're randomly-generated in each playthrough. Advantages of electric-powered submachine guns. Airsoft electric-powered submachine guns combine the elements of sidearms replicas (pistols) and assault rifles. Thanks to their small size, they are extremely handy and comfortable to use, while the barrel length, the number of pellets in the magazine, the rate of fire and the automatic firing mode give them great power, especially over short. Submachine Gun. Power Weapon. Chance to apply bleed effects. So the deal with this gun is that somebody wrote the word iconic on it but forgot to give it an iconic feature. The gun has a bleed effect on it, but so do many standard weapons that you'll pick up during your travels. RELATED: Cyberpunk 2077: The Face Tattoos, Ranke Submachine Gun Alpha: Unintended rollback of stats. These changes were unintentionally reverted in today's update and will return in an upcoming update. Actions. Josh Torres archived Submachine Gun Alpha: Unintended rollback of stats

The Submachine Gun is a Tier 1 weapon that is available to players at the start of most chapters and is automatically equipped to those who have re-spawned in a Rescue Closet after dying. This weapon deals the lowest damage per shot of any weapon in the game (including pistols ), but makes up for that by having the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game (tied with the Silenced Submachine Gun ) The PPSh-41 is the latest submachine gun to be added into Warzone. With the best attachments, it is a strong contender on the battlefield Submachine guns or SMGs form a category of weapons in Free Fire. They are generally preferred by players during short-range combat. Due to their very high rate of fire , users can easily take down. Buy Machine guns online for sale. no license required, no background check required. buy STEN MKII SUBMACHINE GUN 9MM onlin The Thompson submachine gun is an American submachine gun, inventit bi John T. Thompson in 1918, that becam infamous in the Prohibeetion era, acomin a seegnatur wappen o various polis syndicates in the Unitit States. References This airticle is.

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SUBMACHINE GUNS - SUBMACHINE GUNS - +48 123931700 sklep@taiwangun.com Press Corner. Login | Register. × Weapons and Accessories . PISTOLS SUBMACHINE GUNS CARBINES | RIFLES MACHINE GUNS SNIPER RIFLES SHOTGUNS GRENADE LAUNCHERS | GRENADES GASES CO2 I LUBRICANTS. Best SMG Warzone: which submachine gun to use in battle royale. If you want a gun that features almost as many bullets as an LMG, you won't find anything better than the Bullfrog The Thompson submachine gun is a weapon so iconic that it's known most often by the many nicknames it gathered, rather than its official military designation. Tommy Chopper. Chicago Typewriter. Tommy Gun. Of course, there's also the name given to the Thompson submachine gun by its designer: The Annihilator Suppressed Submachine Gun (most commonly called the Silenced SMG by the community) is an SMG in Battle Royale.It is available in Common, Uncommon and Rare.With the Epic and Legendary variants exclusive to Spy Games.It uses Light Bullets, has a head shot multiplier of 1.75x (deals 35, 36 and 38 damage to the head), and has quieted shots & fires low damage bullets at an slow rate with good. The Silenced Submachine Gun is the final gun the player obtains in the game while controlling Ellie in Santa Barbara. It contains a twenty round magazine and is silenced. She steals the gun from a member of the Rattlers, a barbaric group that serve as the final enemies in the game. She uses it to kill another Rattler after interrogating him for. thompson submachine gun, case, firearms, automatic, the gun, butt, disk, rifle, weapons, shoot, war, shop, patrons, trunk, mafia, smuggling, bandits, gangsters, robbery, banda, Free photos, © 2019 Pixabay Languag

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